This Page will explain about the services I'm offering and will contain a list of these services. 

My roles with Lubuntu Team shall remain on volunteer basis, no question about it.

I'll be offering other services, which won't be on volunteer basis, but will be paid services.

On "About" tab, you can find almost everything about me that you may want to know. My degree, skills, etc.
Having 3 years experience in Customer Services, a BSc in Computer Science, Windows User since 1999, Linux User since 2010, Team Leader of Communications and Support Teams of Lubuntu, and so many other activities; all these experiences and skills are giving all what I need to do this.

So, my services may include:
  • Convert Users from Windows to Linux - if someone is interested to make the swtich but doesn't know how to do so or need extra help.
  • Teaching/Coaching the new users to Linux - some/most new users to Linux have really hard time to get started but that should be no problem anymore.
  • Online Helpdesk Support - Whatever in your mind, just name it.
  • Online Courses/Sessions - At your service, just name it.
  • Web Design - A professional web designing.
  • Web Hosting - amazing deals don't miss that.
  • Writing CV/Resume - You can call me a professional CV/Resume writer.
  • Others - My services are not limited only to the above. Please contact me if you need something else that is not listed.

I am up to full time job. I don't have any Real Life job as of now so I'm dedicating a full-time basis job for these services :)

Please, contact me if you seek  one of the above services or anything in your mind, I'm a very nice and helpful guy so don't think twice, I'll be waiting for you ;)

You will be dazzled, my services' charge is very attractive.

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