Who is Ali Linx/amjjawad?
My name is Ali, I'm 31 years old, Linux User since 2010 and Official Member of Lubuntu Team since 2011.

My other names:
  1. Hope
  2. Ambition
  3. Faith
  4. Love
  5. Linux
I call myself "Ali Linx" because, without Linux in my life, I wouldn't have seen the hope, the ambition, the faith and the love. Yes, Linux has changed my life to the better, day after day, until I became a totally different person.

My Open-Source Community Profile:
You can find all the details here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/amjjawad

About this Blog
It might be hard to believe but I'm saying the truth and nothing but the truth. For the last 5 years, I had no permanent  job at all. Temporary jobs are helpless, can't pay my bills except for the same period I'm working. I have traveled many times, trying other places and looking for a job but what I have got was not good enough. I know, better 'some money' than nothing but if the 'some money' can't pay your bills for a year minimum, what is the point? not to mentions, my experience and skills worth much more than this. Lubuntu Community can vouch for me :)

For the last two years, I have dedicated my whole life to Lubuntu. I have done so many things, as a volunteer, free of cost of course. Hoping one day, I will get a better job that can pay my bills and improve my life. That never happened as of now.

Having that said, I have decided to 'sell' some of my services. It is a hard world and everyone is fighting for food, water, etc and I must fight back but my fight should be purely ethical and I see no harm to use my experience and skills as two weapons for this fight. I will definitely carry on with Lubuntu Team and keep doing the same, for free. I love Lubuntu so much and I love its community, no question about it. My paid services will be something different than my activities with Lubuntu. Please, click on the 'Service' tab.

Thank you!

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